July 27, 2021

Which Methods Exist In Order To Get Customers?

When you, as a new Internet Marketer have found a product to sell and has been informed about the market for this product as well as found the relevant search words, then the question arises: How to get customers for the product.

You have consequently to try to get in contact with people, called leads, who are, or maybe are, interested in buying your product. If you sell a so-called affiliate product, a product you did not produce yourself, you are to “presell” it. That is, you get in contact with a person, a lead, who has seen your advertisement or your landing page and reacted on it.

You will then send your lead to your product’s sales page.

It’s consequently not you, who directly are to try to sell the product. Your task is to make your lead interested in the product, meaning your are preselling the product.

The advertisement that the producer of your product has made, is to sell the product. It’s his sales page, which is to sell the product with the help of a good advertisement text and/or good bonus products.

In this way there is consequently a division of labor:

You “presell” the product with the help of an advertisement text, e.g. in an email or on a so-called landing page.

The owner of the product has to complete the sale with the help of his sales page.

Back to the methods which can be used to get you leads. Here are some of the methods to use:

Pay per click

Article Marketing

List Building

Classified Ads


Social Marketing

Advertising member sites

SEO Marketing

Some of these methods are free or almost free to use, such as Article Marketing, others cost money such as Pay Per Click. You must realize whether you have a budget for paid advertising or you wish to use the free methods. It’s important to understand that both the free and the paid methods may be equally good. Well, actually some of the free methods may be better than some of the paid.

The advantage of some of the paid ones, however, is that you can achieve results faster.

In order to go on with your marketing, it’s important that you get to know the different methods as well as decide whether you’ll use paid or free marketing methods. My advise to you will be that you find a reliable mentor, who seriously can guide you in the different methods, as listed above.

Unfortunately you’ll find far too many frivolous purveyors of methods for marketing, thus you have to watch out well, when you search for help.