July 27, 2021

Executive Recruiting

As a single Mom who wanted a substantial paycheck and the flexibility to manage my priorities, Executive Recruiting was the perfect job for me for over a decade. Executive Recruiters match employers, who agree to pay their recruiting fee, with great candidates who fit the employers’ list of requirements. Today many Recruiters not only work from home but never meet their clients or candidates face to face.

With the Internet, a phone, and an office where one can work for several hours without interruption, recruiting offers a fantastic return on your investment of time and focused effort. You can work locally, nationally, or internationally with ease. Recruiting has several components and if you don’t like one aspect, you can always partner up with another Recruiter who excels at what you prefer to hand off. Splits are part of life in the recruiting world and benefit all parties. When we work at what we do well our job is more fun and we are more efficient, as a rule.

What qualities make a successful Recruiter? There are many qualities a good Recruiter needs and I’ll state a few in random order. A professional demeanor, confidence, maturity, and the ability to complete tasks on a daily basis. Self direction, the ability to make decisions, and a background that includes experience working in a particular industry are all advantages. If you know how an industry works already, you’ll be able to make plans easily when it comes to deciding who to talk with in a company. You’ll understand the industry jargon and the needs and desires of your clients.

Once a Recruiter learns the fundamentals of how placements are made, she can switch industries easily. The mechanics of how placements are made always follow the same process. What changes from industry to industry are the verbal terms commonly used and responsibilities of different positions.

If you enjoy talking with people and develop good listening skills you can excel. Those who follow the recruitment process and work 3 – 6 hours a day, as if their livelihood depended on it (joking but true) are rewarded with consistent, big fat paychecks and a life they can manage in the way that’s ideal for their hectic schedule. If working as a Recruiter sounds appealing, the first step is to get some training in how the process works. Don’t try to wing it when it comes to managing a placement because there are countless situations that can foil a positive outcome for inexperienced recruiters. When a deal fails no one wins. With training you can create powerful, consistent results as an effective Recruiter.