July 27, 2021

Finding Balance While Working From Home

How do you balance the busyness of parenting your kids and the demands of building a business from home? Being a parent requires endurance, patience, creativity and a whole lot more. Add a home business to that mix and you have a recipe for overload.

How do you manage both parenting and business and be successful and happy while doing it? It takes a person with strength of character but it is possible. So what is the solution to finding the balance it takes to be both a parent and a home-based business entrepreneur.

Discovering the Joy of Balancing Parenting and Working from Home:

3 Most Common Deterrents of Balance:

1. Chaos. When we are pulled from one demand to the next chaos reigns. Too many demands on our time and energy drain us of the power to accomplish anything worthwhile.

2. Overwhelmed. Very few positions in life are as demanding as being a parent who longs to have successful parenting skills; never mind all the other obligations we have added to our lives. Working from home presents a whole new level of responsibility and with that we often cave under the suffocating feeling of being overwhelmed. How do we get our lives back to functioning smoothly?

3. Lack of Motivation. With all there is to do we can easily lose the motivation it takes to keep up with our responsibilities. The tasks can be daunting or the rewards are not immediate or the needs are so great that we struggle to find the motivation we need to succeed in all areas of life. Where do we find the motivation to keep working diligently?

3 Solutions for Finding Balance:

1. Organize. Organize your home and your time. When you are organized you function with a clear mind and with clear direction. Organizing your life will be your #1 solution to finding a life that is balanced.

2. Direction. Defeat the debilitating foe of being overwhelmed. Know where you want to go and what you want to accomplish. When you know the desired outcome you will have a path to follow. Make sure that path is clearly laid out for you and then take the steps along the path to reaching the place where your dreams are being fulfilled.

3. Self-Motivation. Learn to motivate yourself by visualizing what life will be like when your goals are accomplished. Imagine living that life now! What will it be like? What will you enjoy most? Once you have a clear picture of what life will be like when you are living your dreams then ask yourself the following question. “What is one action I can take today to move closer to having that image as a reality?”