July 27, 2021

Work Life Balance – Home Based Businesses Are the Way to Go

I am a Mother of 2 children under 6, 41 years of age and a professional career woman. I was a full time Marketing Manager at my families International Food Importing & Distribution business. I like many of my friends started a little late with my family and have juggled and maneuvered my way through work and family for the last six years. I thought I worked hard when I was single and without children – wow did I have it easy.

I love work, I always have, but how do we get ourselves into such corners? Where has the quality time for family gone? Some of us have become obsessed with our work life by choice and others by necessity. Is there a way out of this situation that will still allow us to maintain or improve our financial position, while perhaps enjoying less working hours and more family focus? Could it be that I am suggesting we all get a little Work Life Balance!

We are starting to read more and more about this topic. In the current economic climate – the pressure, not just on parents, but everyone to work extra hours and sometimes second jobs is taking a toll on the quality of family life and the odd hours are becoming more and more un-family and can I say it? un-life friendly. I decided I did not wish to continue maneuvering and juggling my family and work – surely this is not what life and living is all about. There has to be a middle ground, I still want it all – I am sorry to say – I do still have a passion for work and having my own business – but I cannot and will not miss out on the joy that is my family and my passion for them.

Yes, you can continue to juggle and maneuver as many of the people I speak to on a daily basis have done – but to what advantage or should I say to whose advantage?Or you can take control, re-assert yourself and your passions and take the reins back on the direction of your future and that of your family.

Position yourself to have that Work Life Balance and the right home based business can do this for you.
I have been able to do this. In combination with a long time desire to run my own business and a set of circumstances that made it a NOW IS THE TIME type of predicament, I researched and found a business that encompasses my passions – allows me to work around the childrens’ school hours, work half the hours of my previous roles and position myself with a future that is financially secure.