July 27, 2021

Do You Really Need a Six Figure Mentor to Succeed?

If you’ve been doing your own research into working from home and making money online you may well have come across a home business opportunity called YourNetBiz. Today I want to discuss whether making money with YourNetBiz is easy to achieve on your own or whether you need the help of a six figure mentor – I’ll define a six figure mentor as someone who consistently earns over six figures online and who is prepared to work with you to show you how its done.

YourNetBiz is a home based business opportunity in the form of a Turnkey Internet Marketing Training Program that you can resell and make from $300 to $2000 per sale. The opportunity consists of the Internet Marketing system itself, but you also get a suite of Internet Marketing products that you can resell and keep all of the profits, training products to develop your own knowledge of Internet Marketing, live Internet Training webinars and, at the top entry level, membership of a travel club called Primo vacations. I know many people who have enjoyed success with YourNetBiz without any mentoring help.

So why, if success is achievable working alone, would you need the help of a six figure mentor?

Its simple really. Like any good home business opportunity in the Internet Marketing arena there is a learning curve that you need to go through. If you are a complete newcomer to the world of Internet Marketing there will be terminology that you don’t understand, tools you will need to master and new skills you will need to develop. The real danger here is that you could suffer from ‘information overload’, lack of direction and failing motivation to carry on if you hit problems.

Whilst YourNetBiz does contain everything you need to succeed online there are 3 major issues to consider:

1. Where do I start? – there is so much to learn, when you start, that where to start is the issue! Working with a six figure mentor allows you to partner with someone who knows.

2. What do I learn first?– if you adopt the approach of learning everything before you start you will never start. Again a six figure mentor may be prepared to work with you, on a step by step basis, so that you develop the relevant skills at the appropriate time.

3. How do I stay motivated?- I’m sure we’ve all struggled to learn a new skill at some time. You have the manual, video, audio and so on and yet you still encounter roadblocks along the way! Then you’re stuck, frustrated and feel like giving up. Having access to a six figure mentor can eliminate roadblocks, keeps you on track and build your motivation as you see your business building quickly.

Having experienced starting out as an Internet Marketer myself, and trying to go it alone, I can tell you its tough! Most successful Internet Marketers have had help from someone, at some time.

For me the best tip I ever had was this – “find someone who is successful at what it is you want to do and just copy them!”