July 27, 2021

Does a Legit Job From Home Ever Require a Fee?

One of the most victimized Internet users is the person who is looking for a job from home. Many times these people fall prey to eager scam artists counting on the job hunter to submit an employment application to their company. After getting an offer of employment in lightning-fast speed, the new employee is bombarded with information about the company and told there are numerous applicants all applying for the same position. A quick mention about processing fees and kit costs almost always lead to the job seeker out money.

A home-based business will generally require a start-up fee. This is to cover costs incurred for supplies, marketing, home office and business equipment, business licenses, Internet ads, accountants and other legal issues. One thing that is important to note with a home-based business, the proprietor (you) is in charge. Purchasing supplies and equipment designed to fit your budget allows for spending moderation; while the ability to physically purchase and keep items guarantees you actually receive them. Unlike Internet scams, starting a home-based business allows accountancy of all business-related funds.

For people interested in finding a work at home job, most legitimate companies will not require any upfront fees. It is important, however, to note that some jobs do require a fee, but these are jobs requiring credit and/or background checks. Usually, these will be in industries that deal with sensitive customer information. If your job description requires a customer’s credit card number, involves typing or coding medical records, or allows access to minors; most likely you will need to pay a background check fee before the job from home can commence.

If the company has been verified and the decision to pay a fee has been made, try to pay for the fee with a method that allows as much payment documentation as possible. Credit cards and PayPal are excellent choices, as they provide a written record of your transaction. Additionally, if able to get a receipt for the transaction, save it and present it to your account at tax time. You may be able to use the amount paid for the background check as part of an employment or job from home search write-off.