July 27, 2021

Working From Home & Health

Working from home making money online is for me, the best thing since sliced bread. No commuting, no office politics, and no big brother watching me from above. When I started though I didn’t half put on some unwanted weight. Plus I even felt quite lethargic all the time. My body needed something, and needed it every day.

One huge difference of course when working from home is that, by very nature of the job you don’t really walk about that much do you, with the longest stretch probably being from the kitchen to the converted bedroom office. And if you’re really naughty you will be tucking into a cup of tea with several of your favourite fatty biscuits every hour.

Well this needn’t be the case you know. If you’re stuck in front of the computer for eight hours with a few walks to the kitchen in between to get some fatty food, then that ain’t good.

I have my own website business and I work from home and here’s what I think will help you give your bum a rest and more importantly, get your body back into shape while still getting the work done.

If you have a juice extractor, get a good nutritious juice inside you first thing while you sit and ponder for about 20 to 30 minutes. Work from 8am to 10.30am. Break for 30 mins and take a brisk walk to the nearest shops to get a paper or whatever you need. Work from 11am to 1pm. Go for a long and brisk walk, or do some form of exercise. Have a light salad or lunch like Greek yoghurt with honey and chopped apples and banana. Work from 2pm to 5pm. Go for a bike ride or other form of exercise for 30 mins or so. Working day finished.

Ok, you get the rift. When lethargy sets in, exercise is the answer, certainly not an afternoon nap which only makes you feel worse. Freshly extracted juice will give you far more nutrition and health than a pasty ever could.

Making money on the internet is great but your body will always need exercise each and every day and with this excercise you will find that working is somehow easier and better.