July 27, 2021

Writing As a Ghost Writer – How Much Should You Charge?

A lot of people are outsourcing their writing work and willing to pay others to the job for them and this is all good, since it makes everyone happy. The person outsourcing his or her work finds someone who can write for him or her and the person with writing skills can make some extra money. This is all good isn’t it?

The only problem is showing its ugly face when two things happen such as, either the person outsourcing his work wants articles written for very little money, such as less than $5 per article or the article writer is asking so much for writing an article that he or she can’t find anyone giving them the job.

In a perfect world there would be a balance between the two; the person hiring would not be so greedy that they would want the job done just for pennies and the writer would be willing to write for a reasonable enough price that would make everyone happy.

There are two things that each the writer and the outsourcer need to understand very clearly in order to know how much to charge and how much to be willing to pay.

If you are the outsourcer you need to understand that: 1. Writing takes effort, and it’s a service delivered to you just like any other service that you might pay for. 2. People cannot afford to write for pennies.

Yes, writing takes effort. Even when you provide your writer with all the keywords they will still need to spend some time doing research, write and edit, before the article is delivered to you. The whole time from beginning to end would be at the very least an hour or so.

The question you need to ask yourself is would anyone want to work for $3 – $5 per hour? I know I wouldn’t.

If you are the writer, you need to understand that; 1. People might not be able to afford to spend $25 for you to write for them unless your writing is really specific or that you are writing for people who have a large budget for their article jobs. 2. They don’t know you and might be nervous to pay so much money for articles that are not worth the price.

As the outsourcer, you need to evaluate how much the article will get you back and pay accordingly. As the writer, you need to find a balance between making a decent income for your hard work while it would still be a good deal for your customers.

Writing articles for others or having someone write your articles for you is great business for both parties, as long as it is profitable for both parties as well.